Rules of Decorum

  1. The church shall be composed of the members of her own body unless members of sister churches be present of the same faith and order who shall be invited to seats by the moderator.
  2. The minister of the church shall be considered at all times moderator when present, whose duty it shall be to keep order and extend invitations for the reception of members by experience, letter, or recantation.
  3. Conference shall be opened and closed by prayer and praises to the Lord.
  4. Every member when he rises to make s speech shall address the moderator by the appellation of "Brother Moderator."
  5. No member shall be admitted into the church or dismissed by letter without the unanimous consent of the church; but any transgressing member shall be excluded by a majority of members present.
  6. No complaint shall be brought into the church against any transgressing member respecting trespasses of a private nature unless the aggrieved party has complied with the directions given in the 18th Chapter of Matthew, 15th, 16th, and 17th verses.
  7. Every motion made and seconded shall come under the consideration of the church unless withdrawn by the person who made it.
  8. Every query presented shall be thrice read; and before it be received, the moderator shall put it to a vote; and if there be a majority in favor of taking it up, it shall be answered. If not, it shall be withdrawn.
  9. If the minority shall be aggrieved at the decision of the majority, the same should be make know immediately to the church; and if satisfaction cannot be obtained, it may be necessary to call for help from sister churches.
  10. Every member when he makes a speech shall rise to his feet and shall not cast any reflection on former speeches nor digress from the subject under consideration, and shall give his views in as plain a manner as possible. Nor shall he speak more than three times on any one subject without the leave of the church.
  11. All business of the church shall be plainly recorded by the clerk and read in the church and corrected if need be.
  12. The moderator shall be entitled to all the privileges of speech, the chair first being filled, but shall not vote except there be a tie. Then he shall give the casting vote.
  13. Any member absenting themselves from the regular church meeting should have good reason for so doing; it shall be his duty to give them if asked for them; and if they fail to come three meetings in succession, it shall be the duty of the church to know their reasons.
  14. No member shall go to law with another on any account without leaves of the church.
  15. If one member be grieved with another and instead of laboring with said brother or sister, should be backbiting and whispering, such member shall be under the censure of the church.
  16. No member shall vacate his seat in time of conference without leave of the church.
  17. Whereas Christ's Kingdom is not of this world, and His humble followers being much persecuted; therefore, we cannot take evidence indiscriminately from the world. But where irresistible facts are in circulation against one of our members, we think it right to take such testimony as is valid.
  18. We agree that the 1st Lord's Day in May shall be our communion season, and that the Lord's Supper and the washing of the saints feet shall be attended to.
  19. Alterations, additions or amendments may be made to the foregoing rules at any time by a majority of the members present who shall act by a majority in all cases except in receiving and dismissing members which shall be in accordance with Article No. 5.
  20. The foregoing rules shall be read when thought necessary.

 Ezra 7:17 (KJV)
That thou mayest buy speedily with this money bullocks, rams, lambs, with their meat offerings and their drink offerings, and offer them upon the altar of the house of your God which [is] in Jerusalem.
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